When every second counts

The Camber Watch Story

Hello watch lover, Thank you for visiting our website! After our first  Camber watch we are back with our next chapter in the Camber watch story. We started this watch brand to share our love for watches and vintage motorsport.

Camber Watches are all about fine watch making and vintage motorsport. Our first chapter was dedicated to one of the oldest form of motorsports; Hillclimbing. The second chapter will be all about the Monaco grand prix!

The Monaco street circuit is one of the most demanding and challenging for both driver and vehicle. Completing this narrow course with its 20 hairpin bends and elevation changes of 138 feet requires the most exacting driving skills, and both driver and car must be in top shape to complete the course, let alone win the race!

During a grand prix race, the average speed of a car is crucial; Therefore we decided to create a time piece that can calculate the average speed off a sportscar over a distance of one kilometer or one mile. The overall design of the watch is inspired on various vintage sport watches throughout the decades. 

Because we design and produce our watches and packaging under our own management, we are able to bring you this remarkable time piece for a special direct to consumer price. Without the usual wholesale and retail markups!

Our second story, Monaco

Our new model is equipped with a highly reliable Miyota OS20 Movement, the cases of our new watches are made of solid surgical grade 316L staines steel!

We fitted the watches with a domed mineral glass to give it a distinguished vintage look.

This remarkable time piece comes with your own souvenir of Monaco history; a glass tube containing actual stones from the famous Grand Hotel hairpin curve, together with a fragment of tire from an classic F1 car that took part in the Monaco Historical Grand Prix of 2016!


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