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People often use the words racing watch (also known as motorsport watch) and chronograph watch interchangeable, as though they are the same. However, there is an essential difference between the two. The term ‘chronograph’ literally means ‘time recorder’ and is therefore a timepiece that can also be used as a stopwatch, measuring time, speed, distance or even a heart rate. It has two buttons on the side, one to start/stop and one to reset. 

By using the word racing watch, we are talking about a chronograph watch that has included a tachymeter scale. In other words, the chronograph watch now becomes a racing chronograph. The tachymeter scale is the outer ring on a watch with different numbers on it, and it has the following function: 

“It calculates the average speed, based on the time that has been passed for the wearer of the watch, travelling a certain amount of distance” 

Allright, so we can conclude that a racing watch consists of the following components; a dial, a stopwatch (the chronograph function) and a tachymeter scale. But, there is more. Every racing watch also has three smaller dials (also called subdials representing seconds, minutes and hours), tracking the time elapsed since starting the stopwatch. 

The last unique part of a racing watch is the strap. Crafted from either leather, rubber or cloth, the strap of a racing watch is often recognizable due to the perforated holes, giving fresh air to the wearer. 


Racing watches exist because since the end of the 19th century, when racing events started to happen, there was a need for tracking the time. Nowadays technology has advanced, turning a racing watch more into a wearers item than a usable one.

There are still people using it for the reasons it once was created (see The Chronograph Watch), but you’ll see this mostly among the real watch and race fanatics.  Essentially to them are the chronograph function to keep track of the time and the tachymeter to measure the speed.

Today, a large amount of watches are chronographs giving the customer a wider range of possibilities with the watch. However, the racing chronograph is something special because it’s designed as the starting clock for motorsports events such as the Indianapolis 500 and is, especially in the past, used by many race drivers .

Many of the racing watches that we are familiar with today have been designed and manufactured for specific motorsports races around the world. Some have become timeless classic racing watches that are also used in other sports and in general watchmaking, while others have seen only the most serious motorsport enthusiasts pay real attention to them.

They gained their popularity thanks to the combination of durability, high precision and a unique quality guarantee, but also an enormous degree of attention and admiration to sports car drivers. Therefore, it is possible that today they are more commonly and widely used by many watch enthusiasts who have a passion for motorsports. They come in different price ranges, because most race enthusiasts can’t afford to buy the more exclusive and expensive watch brands available on the market.

What is important when choosing a racing-inspired watch?

Something like ‘a best’ racing watch doesn’t really exist. In the end, this all depends on your own personal preferences. Accuracy and precision are however essential aspects in the world of motorsports, because every millisecond counts. Therefore, to have a functional racing watch, the watch should at least have a certain level of accuracy. This is where the tachymeter and the chronograph function come into play. 

If you’re not going to make much use of the measuring instruments of your watch, but still want to buy a racing-inspired watch because of the design or your passion for motorsports, other things might be important to you. You might look for a watch that matches your style, like vintage or luxury. You might look at the story behind the watch or inspiring people wearing the watch. But most likely you will also be interested in the quality, the price and what other people have to say about the watch. 

Many watches also have other extra functions like water resistance, guarantee and bonus materials. If these are important to you, you probably pay a little extra. Similarly, the more well-known brands will ask for a higher price, because they include the value of the brand in the price. 

There really is no wrong choice, as long as you choose a watch from a real existing company that complies with your wishes. The Camber watch has tried to include a combination of the different aspects mentioned above like a certain level of accuracy, a story related to the watch, a cool vintage design and a good value for money. We encourage you to check them out at the top of this page! And if you have any questions about the watch you are always free to send us a message and we will try to respond as soon as we can. 


Don't just take our word for it. But read about the experiences of our customers. They range back to 2016 when we launched our first Camber Watch chapter. Unfortunaltely all of them are sold out. In 2023 we are back with a brand new chapter.

For now there are still a few Monaco inspired Camber Watches available. You can shop them here.

Received my watch 2/12/16 in Ohio, U.S. This is a great watch! I wasn't sure how much I'd like the rose gold but it looks fantastic. The buckles and loops being rose gold is an awesome touch. I've tried all 3 straps and they are all very nice (nato seems to be my favorite).


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